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Upholding Your Rights By Establishing Paternity Or Parentage

When parents are unmarried, determining paternity or parentage is an important part of receiving child support or enforcing your right to parental responsibility (custody) and timesharing. However, the process is not always simple. There are multiple administrative steps and unanticipated challenges that can make paternity and parentage very complex.

I can assist you with every step. As a board-certified specialist in marital and family law and the founder of Sockel-Stone Family Law, I work with mothers and fathers throughout Miami-Dade County who seek to establish paternity or parentage and uphold their rights.

Ask Me More About Paternity Or Parentage In A Consultation

The legal process can seem overwhelming, especially when you are also caring for a child. I have helped hundreds of mothers and fathers just like you determine paternity and/or parentage successfully. Contact my law office in Miami to schedule an initial consultation. To reach me, call 786-598-8849 or use my online contact form.