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A Board Certified Advocate For Asset Division Disputes

Florida is an equitable distribution state. If you are going through a divorce and you go to trial, the judge will be required to identify, value and equitably distribute your marital assets and marital liabilities. It is crucial that you have an attorney who can advocate assertively for an arrangement that protects your financial future.

What To Understand About Equitable Division

Assets acquired during the marriage utilizing marital funds, marital assets or marital labor qualify as marital assets. In addition, the appreciation of non-marital assets during the marriage may be considered marital, if the appreciation resulted from marital funds, marital labors or marital efforts. In addition, if marital funds were used to pay down a mortgage on pre-marital real property, a portion of the passive appreciation may be considered marital. The process of identifying and valuing marital assets and protecting non-marital assets can be complex, especially when dealing with marital and pre-marital businesses, real property, deferred compensation and retirement accounts. I have extensive experience dealing with these complex issues and can protect your rights in regard to these matters.

Exhaustively Uncovering Hidden Assets

In addition to my legal experience, I have a background in accounting. This gives me invaluable insight into uncovering hidden or dissipated assets. I also know when the use of an expert such as a forensic accountant or private investigator will be beneficial as opposed to instantaneously incurring significant fees on forensic accountants and investigators without a realistic chance of discovering hidden assets or ultimately discovering no hidden assets exist. I have extensive experience addressing these challenging issues and will work with you every step of the way to make sure your rights are protected.

Discuss Asset Division And Your Future In A Consultation

In the uncertainty of a divorce, you deserve an attorney on whom you can rely for strong advocacy. You can reach out to me for the representation you need. When it comes to property division, schedule an initial consultation with me in Miami by calling 786-598-8849 or by sending me an email.