A Board-Certified Specialist Redefining Divorce In Miami
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Simplifying Your Financially Complex Divorce

Divorces involving significant assets require additional experience, knowledge and skill from your divorce attorney. Without careful attention to detail, swift identification of issues, the ability to develop a strategy for identifying and valuing the marital assets, and the ability to develop a strategy for the protection of non-marital assets, along with tireless advocacy, you stand to lose significant financial security for your future.

I bring extensive experience to the table handling high-asset divorce. When Miami-area residents face divorces involving complex financial matters, they turn to me for strong yet compassionate advocacy from beginning to finish.

Rare Experience In Both Family Law And Accounting

As a Board Certified Marital and Family Law specialist with a background in accounting, I have a unique blend of knowledge. It gives me an advantage when it comes to valuing assets and businesses, determining income and calculating support. I can also help you understand your options regarding complex financial issues such as deferred compensation plans, retirement accounts and stock portfolios.

Making Sure Hidden Assets Do Not Stay Hidden

If you suspect that your spouse has tried to hide or dissipate assets, you have a difficult task ahead of you. Fortunately, I have handled many Florida divorces involving hidden assets. I have even written articles on the topic to educate other people about it. From filing the legal and financial documents necessary to halt asset dissipation to working with forensic accountants to find hidden assets, I will fight tirelessly to ensure you receive your fair share of the marital assets.

Before A Complex Divorce, Seek My Help

You have enough challenges in your everyday life and career without the challenges of a high-asset divorce. Allow me to shoulder some of your burden by handling the complex legal difficulties for you. To discuss representation, contact me to schedule an appointment. Call 786-598-8849 or send me an email today.